Korenev_2007_TolstojDear colleagues,

My name is Dimitri, and I am the banker. I sponsor the asset-backed transactions, product development, discussion with the regulators; I do everything to ensure the acceptance of securitization deals among the regulators in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nowadays, the banks are confronted not only with the crisis, but also have to overcome the controversial directives and negative public opinion about securitization as an instrument of asset’s mobilization. Under such circumstances, the banks are not the competitors anymore, and can overcome the challenges jointly in coordinated development of solutions.

What can you achieve here?

I have created this site to find the adherents on the European market, to discuss with you the problems of securitization in Europe, and to find solutions together. I believe that the most effective way (and the future) to create the solution is to use the power of group interaction. The most effective education is not in reading the books or visiting the seminars, but to create the union of like-minded people and solve the issue together. What I would expect from the readers of this site:

  • active participation,
  • mutual assistance,
  • intellectual stimulation and support of each other,
  • charging with energy from other people.

What can you find here?

You will not find the legal advice, also not a ready argumentation. However, you will find a SOLUTION to different problems around securitization, and indications where to look further.

Please feel free to ask questionsI will answer them in new articles. Join me in exchange of information!