The usefil internet resources around the securitization topics.

BIPRU 9 Securitisation ⇒ UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) BIPRU Prudential sourcebook for Banks, containing UK Regulations with examples.

Capital Requirements Regulation ⇒ the Interactive Single Rulebook on the website of the European Banking Authority.

Central repository (CEREP) for publishing the rating activity statistics and rating performance statistics of credit rating agencies ⇒ the information about the CRR-eligible rating providers is available on the central repository CEREP of the European Securities and Markets Authority. The database contains the description of the Credit Rating Agencies (CRA), the rating scales, historical default rates and the number of provided ratings.

SIFMA Europe Structured Finance Issuance and Outstanding ⇒ Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association quarterly and annual statistics from 1985 of new ABS issuances and outstanding in Europe and USA